Special Offers

Customised Packages available upon request

Bwell Body, Mind & Spirits €45

The trilogy of mindfulness, reiki & reflexology... the essences of rejuvenation!

Bwell Unwind €65

70-minute session incorporating mindfulness and reflexology with a relaxing back massage using essential oil blends.

Bwell Revitalisation €50

Integrating the benefits of a dead sea scrub enhanced with an essential oil blend to brighten and smooth the back’s skin followed by an invigorating massage to loosen and release your hard-working back muscles.

Bwell Balancing Flow €75

A customised facial using cutting edge ingredient technologies to re-establish balance in your skin, comprising a neck, shoulder and facial massage with essential oil blends helping relieve tired, tight muscles. The session concludes with 25 minutes of reflexology and the Emmett Technique to restore equilibrium.

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